Sunday, November 27, 2011

White Out

Right after the storm that we had last week I took the dogs out to get some photos of Cora's first walk in deep snow. The consensus of the dogs is they don't like deep snow because it means they can't run at top speed like maniacs and it's a lot more work to explore the bushes and undergrowth. They do still enjoy it though and one of Leeloo's very favorite things is catching snowballs.

She has perfected the art over the last couple winters and she happily eats the snow she's caught as though it's a treat. She is also very competitive so to catch the balls first is her main objective, to the point of roaring in the face of any dog who dares to try and beat her.

The dog who has the most trouble in the snow is obviously Esme. She does not love snow. She smashes through it as best she can but she would certainly have preferred some snowmobilers had come through before we got to the woods so that she could get around a little more easily. The Ridgebacks to a fine job of mashing down the drifts but she still has some of her own work to do!

Raimi has the longest legs but of the three big dogs he likes the snow the least. He doesn't really want to break trail, he wants to explore the smells of the woods ... hard to do when you are faced with several inches of snow and bits of your body you'd prefer not to get chilled.

Still, they had their moments of racing down the paths, then they'd come racing back. It was nice for me because they flattened some of the snow but it didn't prevent me from getting some into my boots. The soft wet heavy snow on the day we went for this walk is not conducive to staying dry.

Cora certainly enjoyed herself once she got over the change in the landscape. She spent quite a lot of time playing with Leeloo, and Leeloo obliged by wrestling her into snow drifts multiple times. As always they were 'herded' by Esme who is on their heels.

I caught this one of Cora giving her daddy a kiss. For some reason, although it's not perfect, it's a photo that I really like.

This one is pretty neat, they were both sniffing the same scent and had each turned - to me it looks like they are dancing.
Leeloo stopped on our way back to the truck to take one last look at the winter wonderland. In the last few days the snow has all but disappeared with above zero temperatures and the dogs are much happier with the walks!

Still, this is a pretty happy Boy!

And Baby Cora. I love this girl so much I can't even begin to describe it. Those eyes are sure hard to resist and that long pokey nose, giant ears and ready kisses are what makes her annoying puppy habits easy to forgive.

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