Saturday, July 24, 2010

Take the Lead

From where I park the truck I now have to leash the dogs because Leeloo got into the habit of taking off to annoy a dog down the lane and I'm quite sure barking at 7am is not high on the list of something neighbours love. We spent a few mornings getting used to being walked (insert swearing and dire threats of "behave or else" here) since they were so accustomed to bolting out of the truck. Now though they are rather good at walking on lead and behaving until we get to where the paths diverge and I can let them off lead. Esme is that little dot way ahead because she is not in the habit of taking off to annoy neighbourhood dogs.

Once we are into the woods though it's time to roar in and out of the bushes. Archer and Esme came barreling down the path - chances are if I can't see Esme she is with a Ridgeback. Fortunately if she loses track of them she finds me and waits for one of them to return - which they inevitably do.

There's Archer looking all swagger. The temperature has dropped to the low 20's so it's a much more comfortable walk these days. The deer flies are not as bad as they have been so I think their season is almost up ... not soon enough let me tell you.

It's a little depressing sometimes to take photos of gorgeous Leeloo and have them come out with her looking ridiculous almost every time. I guess it's part of her charm but that doesn't make it any less annoying. See that piece of grass? Only in a photo of Leeloo would that happen. Plus the expression on her face is ludicrous.    

Oh wait. Here's one that's not so bad. A rare moment of her waiting for me to catch up, usually she is off stomping in the brush. Fortunately stealth is not part of her repertoire so raccoons, skunks, porcupines, squirrels, rabbits, cats, chipmunks, pheasants, and deer all have plenty of warning. It doesn't stop her trying though.

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