Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Morning Departure

I am so glad I got into the habit of walking the dogs in the morning because when I get home from work I'm tired and it's usually even hotter out than it was in the morning. Now we are into summer the temperature has been turned up and no one notices faster than the dogs. The heat does start to show in them even in the mornings so our walks have been slower and shorter. They always start out with lots of spunk.

Then, a few minutes in, somebody needs to take a break.

Then they are off again.

Raimi spends a lot of time grazing which doesn't take too much energy. As he's aged he's been less inclined to run manically and act like a fool.

Unlike these two who experience huge bursts of energy for short periods of time.

This is what you want to see. The happy satisfied expression of a dog well exercised, tired and happy.  It's  gratifying to know that when I leave for work they have had what they need to stay healthy both physically and mentally ... balance is absolutely key. Even when it's so muggy you feel like you could swim through the air!

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