Saturday, July 3, 2010

Italian Straw Hat

Esme has been scratching out her coat, as I've mentioned, and today I purchased Phase I in Operation: Cord Me. I was going to get her a sweater but since it's summer time I thought that might make her a bit too hot so opted instead for booties on her back feet. I found some on sale for $2 at Walmart along with a cute little hat - I can live with a $2 solution. Booties thus purchased she is now incredibly annoyed with me and life itself.

But what of the hat? Well, being me I couldn't resist a little fun with the dogs and if I do say so myself they look mah-velous! Raimi was very handsome in his little hat made littler once it met his head. 

Leeloo had her stricken face perfected. Her eyes are all big with concentration trying to levitate the treat into her mouth by psychokenisis.  I'm not sure she even realized she was wearing a hat once she knew there was a treat involved.

Archer was by far the most dapper of the bunch. He was rockin' several sweet attitudes. This is his 'too cool for school' look.

That's right - I'm the Hipster Dufus.

Or just the Dufus. Go on, you know the ladies love that tongue. He's rockin' the hat a little off-kilter ... very suave.

Esme tried it on but was a little less photogenic about it ... she was busy thinking about how awful her new shoes are. Usually the girls love shoes but not Esme.

And another of Archer ... he's just so darn cute. Don't you just want to kiss his nose?

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