Monday, July 26, 2010


Going to a show, winnings points and getting a new champion photo is all well and good but until you get that official certificate in the mail a championship is just your word against the CKC.  I live in fear of a letter telling me that one of my entries was incorrect, I miscounted the points, I didn't track it properly ... anything that means I have to dust off Leeloo and take her back into the ring. Fortunately that has never happened to me and hopefully never will. All Leeloo's hard work has come to fruition with the arrival of her New Championship certificate in the mail today. Yay Leeloo!

To celebrate she was awarded with an empty pea pod to crunch on. Doesn't she look thrilled to be an official Champion of Record? Those are her "Gimme the pea pod and nobody gets hurt" eyes. Her little white moustache is kissably cute. If you try to wrangle her for a cuddle or a kiss when she is concentrating on F.O.O.D. you get the evil eye and the "MoooOOOoooOOOm!" expression as she tries to shrug you off while never losing sight of the treat. One thing is for sure, this dog is focussed.

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