Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunrise Trail

There are points along the trail we walk on that the dogs know are extra fun. These are the places where they go all silly and stupid with running and leaping and wrestling. They have done it so many times that the grass has paths in it and sections are mashed down from where they throw themselves in a fit of happiness.

Archer likes to BOING his way through the grass and show off his leaping skills. That little dark patch of flowers/weeds/grass that Leeloo is cornering around is where they play ring around the rosie most often. You can just see Esme behind Archer, she is doing her level best Herding Dog attempt at keeping everyone together. Good luck with that Esme.

It tickles me to see Raimi have his moment of puppyhood. He plows through the tangled weeds as though they weren't there and the longer the grass is the sillier he gets. The other dogs always catch him because while he strong arms his way through the weeds they are leaping over and therefore are moving faster. When he senses they are close to tackling him, he throws himself onto his back and rolls around for a few minutes in sheer bliss while they bounce around him with exclamations of GOTCHA!

Leeloo is funny to watch. She doesn't appear to be trying very hard but Leeloo is of the 'work smart, not hard' school of thought. When the boys take off into the long grass she holds back and ambushes them when they come out. Here she is putting on the brakes while the boys race headlong into the brush. Those girls ... too smart for their own good.

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