Sunday, March 29, 2009

Handle With Care

Not much change to report except that little Blue Boy - the one who was requiring extra feeds to catch up - is now caught up enough to fight on his own. He's nice and chubby at 20 ounces, a few ounces still behind his siblings but a huge improvement over the last couple days. The other puppies are all close to a pound and a half so he still has some way to go yet.

Don't want to exclude the other dogs from a mention. They have been very patient, Halo doesn't mind Raimi looking at the puppies, she even lets him look closely while she's nursing them. I held one up for a sniff and he poked it ... typical Raimi. She keeps a keen eye on Leeloo though when the little blonde bombshell pokes her head in. Leeloo is funny, she sniffed a puppy and is now smitten. They whine and she's immediately "Anyone concerned about this? Should we be concerned? Maybe you should check. Want me to check? I can check. I can make them happy. Everyone loves me."
As evidenced by ...


S&K Weich said...

I wonder when Raimi will start to mind being squished? Is he cold or something??

Kathryn said...

Raimi probably won't mind till he's about 11 or so. Rory insists on laying across, sitting upon or squishing up against Seth any chance he gets.