Monday, March 23, 2009

Fatal Attraction

Okay - if you have a weak stomach read no further.

Remember the lead incident where Leeloo ate an entire lead except the clip and I pulled it out of her stomach? Or the time she ate three of my socks and threw them up on my living room floor? Well, since I've removed all the 'small' things she likes to consume I thought I was safe. Until Friday.

Friday after work I let the dogs out and returned to their room to check what had been destroyed and to put the dog beds back where they belong. I spotted the "skinny" rabbit Raimi got from his brother Rory last year for his birthday - it's a toy that has no stuffing in it ... so just the skin. The rabbit was one of Leeloo favorites, she liked to suck on it and played tug of war quite a bit.

There was now only half a rabbit. The back half. The front half, after searching, was entirely missing. Well, missing typically means that you don't actually know where the item is ... I was 99.9% certain I knew where the front half of the rabbit was.

So I had visions of a vet visit and blockages but was hopeful the rabbit would appear one day with the urka gurka preview. Sure enough yesterday morning shortly after breakfast Leeloo leaped off the couch and hacked up a pile of dog food and couple of very tidy pellets of something which was not dog food.

I pulled her away from the pile and told her no. She wanted to go back and retrieve her breakfast. Tellign her no repeatedly I backed away toward the kitchen to get a baggy to clean up the mess and she took her chance.

She darted in and snatched up ... what else? The bit of rabbit fabric was gone down the gullet again in a microsecond. I cleaned up the rest of the mess and found another piece of a dog toy which I couldn't identify. What else has this damn puppy eaten?

So now it was another waiting game. When would the rabbit reappear? It felt like a twisted magic show. I went off to work and came home ... no rabbit. I went to a birthday party that night and came home ... no rabbit.

Right on cue at 3am the urka gurka started and Leeloo leaped off the bed. I followed just as she retched up what I hoped was rabbit. I grabbed her to stop the inevitable re-consumption and turned on the light to find two tidy pellets of rabbit on the floor.

Oh hooray.

So I dragged her back into my bedroom and shut the door, cleaned up the rabbit and crawled back into bed. Leeloo hopped off the bed again and went to find her missing rabbit. No joy there. She came back to bed, threw herself down and went to sleep.

I can't begin to imagine how many times her tummy has tried to rid itself of that damn rabbit over the course of the previous 24 hours. I bet it was more than the two times I saw it come up.

So now I have to absent the dog room of all soft toys except the large and durable ones and even those, once they begin the inevitable decline of the dog toy, I will have to remove them.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have never owned or met a dog quite like Leeloo. I should have known that a dog who comes with a face this innocent was going to be trouble.


Brooke said...

I am SO glad Miss Leeloo's sister hasn't picked up the "eating everything in sight" habit yet. I hope and pray she never does. Best of luck with Halo's whelping!!

S&K Weich said...

That Leeloo is the prettiest puppy dog I've ever seen.

Todd said...

Oh, man! I'm the same way.