Thursday, March 19, 2009


The weather of late has been pretty darn nice so we've gone to the park several days in a row, much to Halo's disgust. Although she does her fair share of sniffing she is less than tolerant of the rambunctious 'kids' than in days past.

An embarrassing thing Halo does (besides expose herself on the couch) that is not her fault(besides the throat closing gas) is the boobie pop. You know the clopping noise a horse hoof makes on pavement? That sound happens when Halo's boobs swing and smack together. It's super weird. And a little charming. And I try to avoid people at the park because of it. Try explaining that to the uninitiated. Pop pop pop pop pop ...

I know I own a pregnant dog that looks more like a cow than a Ridgeback. If you squint you can totally see the resemblance. But really, how proud am I of that topline? A longer dog would be sway backed by now. It bodes well for showing her as a veteran or in broodbitch classes. Except the boob thing ... it's a bit distracting.

So here we are a week away. I don't think it will be a week. I have a good feeling about Tuesday. Halo has a good feeling about *right effing now*. We'll see who's right.

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Kim said...

Oh God....I'll say it again...poor Halo.