Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The A-List

The puppies are officially one week old today. Ah memories.

Blue boy is officially about a half pound smaller than the largest puppy and several ounces smaller that the rest. He is a great little guy in every way except he's small. Chances are when they are eating solid food he'll catch up but for now he's the little fighter who doesn't give in when the milk bar is open.

The loudest puppy (as in the one who complains the most) is Miss Maroon. if something is wrong she doesn't hold back. Whether she can't get to the milk bar, is lost and turning in circles in the whelping box, or can't get comfy, you'll hear about it.

Mr White is steady and solid as a rock. He plods along eats his fill, doesn't complain much and sleeps like the dead. He's a trooper alright. He was first out so he may actually think he's in charge.

Miss Pink is Miss Independent. She has no time for nonsense. Get me to the bar and now. She refused to be topped up with supplement event tho she was looking a little ribby and fought her way through the fray to get her share.

Mr Green has a squashy face and is a lot like White. He gets the job done, doesn't make a fuss and is possibly the roundest puppy I've ever raised. He is quick to the bar but once filled he doesn't hang about he just slides off and falls asleep.

Miss Yellow Rio. Big girl. She's the bully of the bunch. Elbows everyone out of the way, not afraid to steal a nipple, shoves her siblings aside to get the best and warmest spot. She doesn't take no for an answer.

And little Miss Orange. The second smallest puppy. The only blonde in the bunch. She is as demure as she sounds. She has been supplemented a bit because she was not gaining like I wanted and was happy to have a little extra.

Halo is being a much better mother to this litter than the previous two - she is attentive, careful, calm and conscientious ... a nice change. I think the last litter had her in over her head with quantity and she was so over-whelmed she just said "Here. You do it." This time it seems she is saying "Phew, I think I can handle this."


S&K Weich said...

Yes, her last litter would have driven me bonkers, too. I love the black on some of their faces.

Kathryn said...

I'd like to be Ms. Orange's godmother, wherever she ends up going... I love her.