Friday, March 30, 2012

Wall Street

At only 17 days the puppies are already trying to get out on their own. It shows impressive determination for such a young dog who can barely walk, hear or see to attempt to climb out of their box to get to their mother. However, no matter how they cry or wail or careen about the box, Leeloo simply watches them and waits for me to 'serve' them to her. She reclines on her new memory foam dog beds and awaits the mob. Sad puppy faces have no effect on her insistence that the puppies nurse where she is most comfortable.

In a way I don't mind because it means I can control how and when they feed - this despite the 4am feeding demands. A part of me, no matter that they are almost 3 pounds each, still knows that if Leeloo leans on one she can squash the air right out of its lungs and it would only take a minute of inattention. A horrible thought to be sure but it's graphic enough to make me cautious. It's the same reason I don't just put a dog bed in with the puppies for her to lie on, if a puppy goes under the bed, or the towel, or behind Leeloo while she's feeding them, it's game over. No one wants their life to be cancelled when the fun has barely begun.

If people ask me when I stop worrying about them the usual answer is when they are in someone else's arms on their way to a new home. Truthfully though I never stop worrying. In the recent past I've had good reason to question my own judgement so with these last two litters I've tried to be painfully diligent to make sure the homes they go to are responsible and will consider the dog's welfare as a priority. It only takes one bad home to make you question why you breed, fortunately 35 other amazing families have steadied my faith in humanity and common sense and I think the upcoming 9 will probably solidify it. Plus, a little karma goes a long damn way.

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