Saturday, March 17, 2012

In Living Color

The puppies continue to grow at an impressive rate. They are certainly fond of the food bar and make no bones about getting what they need to stay nice and plump. Miss Yellow here has perfected the art of diving for one of the hidden treasures.

 Miss Pink knows when it's time to take a break so her siblings can work in relays to eat. The sun is shining through the window for a few minutes today (we haven't see it in days) and she is learning to be a sun dog at an early age.

Synchronized eating is important because it means everyone fits like little sardines in a can along the milk bar. It's nice to see Miss Orange and Mr Light Wheaton are not suffering from sibling rivalry.

I can't say the same for Miss Yellow. She is doing the Boobie Steal in which one puppy tries to push another puppy off a faucet. She was unsuccessful and moved on to a free spigot.

Miss Orange demonstrating the suction created by their tongues. It makes a perfect seal for them to suck back the optimum amount of food with the least effort in the shortest amount of time. They need not worry, Leeloo is producing so much milk that the faster they eat the faster it comes out ... sometimes up their nose!

Just look at this delightful row of babies. The lack of sleep I've experienced over the last few days is almost forgotten when I look at this happy little group.

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