Friday, March 16, 2012

Crowd Control

There are other puppies in the litter besides Mini of course and each one deserves  attention and adoration just as much as Mini. I originally had a dark green ribbon on Mr Light Wheaton here but because he's such a stand out when he lost his ribbon yesterday I didn't bother to put it back on. He and his brother Mr Blue have a few fans who are hoping one of them joins their home. Only two boys makes selection rather limited!

Another reason I stopped putting a ribbon on Mr Light Wheaton is because it was confusing me. He took so long to come that I'd already assigned the blue ribbon to the first born boy but in my last litter Mr Blue WAS the light wheaton male so I kept getting confused as to which puppy was which. Also, I'm quite sleep deprived so simplifying things is just better for my sanity. Mr Blue here doesn't need any identity crisis issues as such a young age so he gets to keep his blue ribbon and everyone is happy.

And what makes a puppy happier than snuggling with their siblings? Besides eating of course.

Miss Red demonstrates just how fat a head she has compared to Mini. I have to say I am very pleased with the heads of the puppies in this litter, more so than the last litter. They are all wide with lots of fill in the cheek so I expect beautiful adult dogs. More the better if they all have their mother's soft dark eye as in the last litter.

 Miss Lime got a good going over from Momma who can, at times, be a little too clean. If we're not careful she can rub a little bottom raw with her attention and I just have to watch out for too much obsession on her part. Just ask Mr White from the last litter, he had a sore little bottom for a few days!

Miss Purple, I can already tell, is going to be a lime-light stealer - perhaps she should have have the lime colored ribbon! She was first out and she likes to be front and centre most of the time. She likes to eat, as they all do but she makes the process interesting.

A nice big yawn to demonstrate just how boring photo shoots can be. Much better to nap.  I'll catch up with Pink, Orange and Yellow tomorrow, I'm sure they are eager to introduce themselves.

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chad said...

I am always looking forward to your posts. All of the dogs look great at this stage. I am hoping that we can pick one up as a pet if everything goes good. Don't forget to take care of yourself along with the pups. Thanks again for all the photos. Looking forward to the next batch.