Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet Dreams

I've finally finished my new website - I wanted it a little simpler, cleaner, and to use a lot more of my photos as part of the design of the site. I have a few things to update and change but at this point I think it's pretty well complete. When you have a chance head over to Invictus Hounds and check out my new digs.

Last night was my first night since the puppies were born that I slept in my own bed. I had an air mattress on the floor of the puppy room but it didn't seem to be doing my back or my neck any favours and yesterday it sprung a slow leak. I managed to get a decent amount of sleep last night despite Leeloo waking me up every two hours to check on the puppies - I'm not sure if she has some sort of internal alarm but she was pretty accurate with her timing. I know I need not only several hours of sleep, but they must be in a row ... this past week hasn't seen that and I still feel like a zombie a lot of the time!

The puppies obviously get as much sleep as they want and get to enjoy some pretty sweet dreams - I presume with visions of milk dancing through their heads. It's not surprising that most of the puppies in this litter have fat little heads given the size of their Daddy Boy's head. What's surprising is seeing it on all the girls except Mini (who I wouldn't expect to have a monster head anyway). Miss Red here, looking squishably cute, shows how wide her muzzle is, the big dome of her skull, the fill in the cheek and the fact that her ears are already laying flat. All these things mean she will have a lovely head when she is all grown up and if she is lucky she will get her mother's eyes to add that little dash of girlie.

To grow up to be big strong ass kicking girls, these two princesses need their beauty rest. Pretending to nurse while you sleep is an added bonus and makes for a perfect photo op.  

I must remember I do still have three other adult dogs whose patience these past few days has been tested. We didn't go for a walk for the first three days because I didn't want to leave Leeloo unsupervised until I was reasonably sure she was being careful with her new charges. So today Cora and Boy came with me on some errands and when we got back Cora was spent. She snuggled up next to her Dad and wrapped her paws around the closest, softest, warmest thing she could ... Esme.

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