Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Red Sunset

Some puppies get more face time than others, they just seem to wander in front of the camera more often than their siblings for whatever reason. I know I've been missing Red, Yellow and Orange on a few blogs so I'll endeavour to catch up. Miss Red was the last one in the whelping box to get jammed into the mad scramble to eat so I took a few photos of her demanding to know where everyone went. They keep this dopey stoned look for a few weeks until their eyes clear up and they can see further. Until then their depth perception is off and they tend to run into things - fortunately they can't go very fast.

They don't have much sense of space and can't do more than stumble their way across the box hoping to bumble into each other or their mother. A couple of them are responding more to light and movement and they can all sort of hear. They certainly respond to my voice when I speak and are learning to associate me with being put with Leeloo to be fed. They learn very early who controls the food and it's not Leeloo!

Miss Red certainly has her opinions! This was the tail end of a yawn but it looks more like an oncoming sneeze. Or a derisive laugh ...

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