Monday, March 26, 2012

A Lot Like Love

I hope you are ready for lots of photos today because I went to Crazy Town with the camera. Still, eyes are barely open and there is lots of sleeping but Cute has come to stay in this joint. Miss Orange spend some quality cuddle time with Leeloo this morning after they had breakfast together. I'd love to have a nap after breakfast too, especially considering Leeloo's demands to go out and poop every two hours. It's like she has a timer or something.

There's an eye! Miss Yellow's eyes are very close to being totally open and a couple other puppies are at this stage as well. Miss Purple is the only puppy who has both eyes open all the way - it doesn't surprise me, Miss P strikes me as an 'early bloomer'. Look at the fat little head on Miss Y, she is certainly going to be a lovely gal.

Miss Red shows off her wrinkles. I wish it was like this for people - the puppies start out with all these wrinkles and as they age the wrinkles disappear. And see her cute flopsy ear? Their ears are now growing faster than any other part of their body, by the time they are 8 weeks they will be twice the size of their heads.

And who can forget Mini? She seems to manage to ingratiate herself into every photo shoot. Here we can see all that white! She also has an 'outie' belly button but that should recede as she grows. She does seem to be a bit behind everyone else in the eye department, hers only just started opening today whereas everyone else's started last Friday or Saturday.

Miss Pink certainly knows how to party. Gorge yourself at the milk bar and this is what happens. Such a shame. I hope she doesn't wake up with a calcium hangover.

Oh look, it's Mini again. This time she's getting a bath from Momma Leeloo. I think Leeloo was cleaning off her milk moustache.

There's no shortage of unusual sleeping positions. Mr Blue made himself into a little pretzel and fell fast asleep sitting up. He's definitely learning to find the best sleeping positions early.

Just look at those feet. Little black pads with tiny little toes. It's hard to imagine that one day those tiny feet will be the same size as Leeloo's. This is Miss Yellow who stretched herself out along Leeloo's leg ... she has plenty of that to go around!

Here's Mini ... again. She is next to Miss Behemoth Purple who is the largest puppy. The other puppies fall in the middle of these two as regards size. Miss Purple is just a 'big boned' gal but sleeping next to Mini doesn't help her case much.

The Mayhem after the feed. Leeloo now demands that when she feeds the puppies they must be on the dog bed. She lies down and waits for me to present her with nine hungry mouths. This happened with the last litter too but not intentionally. I had a dog bed next to the whelping box to put the puppies on it to clean them out, Leeloo lay down next to them, they started to nurse and the rest is history. Clearly Leeloo remembers the protocol and insists that puppies now get fed on the dog bed. I think I just made more work for myself.

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