Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Complicated

I can't remember if I mentioned that Cora is in heat. She started a week ago and I realized very quickly that she has heats like her grandmother Halo. This is not a good thing. Halo blew into heat like a trainwreck and left blood and carnage in her wake. She stank, she required panties full time and when she was ovulating she smelled like something that had died in the tropics several days ago. We're not to that point yet but rest assured, Cora does not smell like a bouquet right now and I can't imagine it getting any better soon. Despite the Ode de' Death her father is very interested and I can't imagine anything worse than him breeding her so we are taking extra precautions these days. She is also forced to wear the Panties of Shame which she actually doesn't seem to mind that much - possibly because she discovered almost right away that if I'm not watching her she can eat the pad out of them. Digest that image if you will.

 She has also been allowed by Leeloo to look at the puppies. Leeloo's motherly duties have relaxed of late and looking is okay, sometimes smelling is okay but interacting with them is strictly verboten at this point particularly if they are with Leeloo and nursing. Cora's interest remains peaked and she's in for a lovely surprise once they start running around. 'Lovely' and 'surprise' being relative.

And judging by the progress I am seeing in just the past couple days that will be very soon indeed! Mr Blue knew his Momma was somewhere close by but couldn't get to her. Where there's a will ...

Miss Yellow decided to wait her turn and earned bonus points for sitting pretty. Look at that lovely dome, let's hope there's more brains in there than her father! Who am I kidding? She's a girl, she's bound to be smarter than Daddy Boy!

Or not. Whoops. It's okay to take a tumble when we're learning something new. If we're lucky there will be someone to catch us - sometimes it's a stranger, sometimes it's a friend and sometimes it's your sister, Miss Lime.

The whelping box is almost too small now for these guys to explore, just about another week or so and I'll have to upgrade them to a larger area. Once they start thinking about climbing out all bets are off! I took out two of the pigrails to make more room and left the two on the sides Leeloo is most likely to lie against. I'm ever conscious of the danger of Leeloo lying on one and will only rest easy when she is denied access to them during the day ... or when they are more mobile and can see better!

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