Monday, March 5, 2012

Stick It

Last week the dogs and I headed out to my friend (and co-worker) Shelley's 40 acre spread to have a romp in the snow. Mostly they stayed near the house which acted as a wind break and that was just fine with me! Cora started off the festivities in her usual manner.

Esme wasn't far behind with her typical shenanigans and although it may be hard to tell, her head is on the right hand side of the photograph.

Shelley was kind enough to dig out a stick and Cora spent the bulk of the walk teasing Esme with it. Cora was extremely proud of this stick and well she should be, it was a great stick as far as sticks go.

There was no end to the running back and forth through the snow. Almost to the point of boredom - for me, not the dogs. If it had been a little warmer we'd have been there longer I'm sure.

What's this? Cora with a stick? What a surprise. She's so cute. Look at those silly ears.

Esme never ever tires of chasing the Ridgebacks. It's some sort of Puli programming that won't let her quit. She must burn hundreds of calories every day chasing these dogs, trying to get them to do what she wants. It will be a lifetime of try and will almost certainly never end in success. Never mind Esme, I appreciate the effort, especially if it means tiring Cora out too!

There's that stick again. I'm so proud of Cora, she is maturing into a beautiful dog who is fit, sound and athletic. Now, if only I could pry that stick from her naughty puppy jaws ...

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