Friday, March 23, 2012

Size Matters

A side effect of having puppies, according to Leeloo anyway, is some pretty bad gas. Never mind eating 9 placentas and their varying afterbirths, eating up to 10 cups of food a day plus supplementing it with puppy poop and pee, is bound to turn your digestive system upside down. At this point Leeloo can clear a room, or rather, clears me out of a room, and when she comes to sleep on the bed I insist she points that cannon away from me. I don't think the other dogs appreciate it much either. Despite the gas attacks Leeloo continues to take exemplary care of her charges and at 10 days old they are right on track for their eyes starting to open and learning to walk.It's hard to catch them trying to walk since it's mostly falling but by the end of the weekend I expect to see everyone stumbling around the whelping box like little drunken sailors. Maybe Miss Lime dreams of the day she will be chasing squirrels.

Mostly they still sleep now but the cute quotient has increased exponentially in the last couple days. Once their eyes are open all bets will be off. Mr Light Wheaton and Mr Blue have to stick together since they are the only boys and you know how girls can get when they gang up on you.

It's hard not to be drawn to Mini who is a little spitfire of determination. I only supplemented her on the second day, after that there didn't seem to be any need and I was right. Giving this puppy extra food would not necessarily have made her bigger, it would have just made her fatter which she didn't really need. Besides, who among us would disagree that Mother's milk is the best thing for growing babies?

I watched Mini this morning when she was on the outer edge of the puppy pile. She determined that she wasn't warm enough so she started to wiggle her way into the centre of the group. I was curious to see if she could because she'd have to squeeze in between puppies who are more than twice her size. Sure enough she squirmed right into the middle and fell fast asleep under some fat siblings. There she is under Miss Orange and Miss Pink.

And Miss Lime has her own little tiny neck warmer. Lucky gal. I can't get over the difference in head sizes here and Miss Lime ... she isn't even the biggest puppy! Looks like Daddy Boy had quite an influence on the girls!

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