Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arrested Development

The first 10 days or so of a puppy's growth are not very interesting, they just get fatter and bigger but they don't really do anything of interest besides eat and sleep. From today onward though several things start to happen that accelerate as time goes on. Their eyes start to open from the inside corner to the outside - Miss Purple's eyes are completely open now - but they can't see very well for at least another week or so. Their ears start to open which means no more vacuuming without disturbing them. They also start to walk, sort of a seal hop to start, then halfway standing and wobbling and then, in short order, running through the house with a roll of toilet paper. It's easy to exclaim how cute they are right now but to me they are just this side of boring. They don't do anything of interest and they certainly don't interact with you. People keep saying how busy I must be but I'm actually not, the real work for me starts in about a week when they need to learn to eat mush and are walking with a little more confidence. Right now Leeloo is still pretty well in charge.

The space at the bar is certainly restricted these days, they don't much appreciate Leeloo curling around them when they're trying to eat, it squashes them together and makes it harder to reach their goal. Soon enough I'll be supplementing their meals with soaked dog food and once that happens Leeloo's burden will be eased. Until then she handles the brunt of the attack with as much patience as she can muster ... it can't be easy feeding nine!

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