Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Momma's House

It's been one week since the puppies were born and everyone is doing just great. I am so pleased with how fat they are. Almost all of them have more than doubled their birth weight - impressive since they were so fat to begin with and even Mini is packing on the ounces. She's not quite at a pound yet but she has at least doubled her birth weight which is totally normal for a one week old puppy.

Hard to imagine a whole week has gone by already - it was a bit of a blur which wasn't helped by my lack of sleep. Here is a photo of them when they were born ...

And here they are now ... nice and fat and growing like little pigs. Mini is the one at the end under Leeloo's leg - she has the best boobie!

And just how did they get so chubby? Well, it helps when Leeloo is eating 10 cups a food a day and drinking about 3 gallons of water (making milk is thirsty work). Plus eating every meal like it's your last goes a long way toward getting fat. Since Ridgebacks tend eat like that their entire lives it's a good thing I have a great list of responsible owners who are going to be careful not to let these guys grow up fat. 

For now though fat is what we want to see. No weedy puppies in my house! Leeloo will make sure of it. 'So much milk ... so little time' is Miss Pink's philosophy. She shouldn't be wasting it on her nose in that case ...

It's a serious business this eating thing - you can't let any opportunity to fill your tummy pass by.

It's really no wonder that any bitch's under carriage is never the same after a litter. It's a pity too since Leeloo was so svelte. Hopefully I can get her back into tip top shape in time for the US show ring.

For now though Leeloo will concentrate on making sure these babies are warm, clean and full. She is such a steady mother and so far they are an easy crowd to care for. This is the calm before the storm when you are dealing with puppies, it won't be long before everyone is running from them! We are enjoying our peace and quiet now!

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