Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Literally everyday the puppies are making leaps and bounds in their development. Where yesterday someone's eyes weren't even open, today they are completely open. This morning someone wasn't really walking, this evening someone is almost running across the towel. It's remarkable how fast they develop considering our own human experience. Miss Pink discovered the joys of fingers just a few minutes ago, once those jaws have teeth I will be less inclined to stick my hands in them.

Miss Pink had a moment with her Mommy; aren't they sweet? Leeloo was trying to lick her face and Miss Pink was slightly misdirected about where the food stations where. Still, it's a nice Mother/Daughter moment.

But not as nice as this one.

Speaking of rapid development, Mini has skipped a few steps in the learning curve and gone straight to walking. I wasn't sure how long it would take her and thought perhaps she was actually behind everyone a day or two but in less than 24 hours her eyes have gone from almost completely closed to completely open and from seal hopping across the towel to wobbly running. Here she demonstrates hurdling Momma's leg.

Leeloo likes to use the little Stay Puft puppies as pillows which makes sense given how chubby they all are.

They also use each other as pillows and Mr Blue and Miss Purple smother Miss Red in sibling slumber. I'm sure she didn't mind considering how cozy she must be under there.

The room at the bar is getting more and more crowded and feeding time has turned into more of a frenzy of late. Fortunately it takes them less time to eat now because they are bigger and can eat faster and that means they are well into nap mode within about 20 minutes. A blessing for both Leeloo and me.

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