Friday, October 1, 2010

Children of Nature

With the inexorable push of time we are miraculously now sitting on the first of October. Hard to believe it was almost 2 years ago that I arrived in Nova Scotia to buy my house and begin the first real steps toward my escape from Calgary. Despite the seasonal hibernation the weather causes every year, I will always look upon Autumn as a time of new beginnings.

The sunlit hours grow shorter each day but if you close your eyes and take a conscious breath you would never know it was Fall. The days hover at 20+ degrees and the air is thick with humidity.  Mother Nature seems to have adopted the lackadaisical attitude of "So what if it's October, I can do what I want." No complaints here Momma N. and none from Miss Leeloo since I am certain she is hoping winter never really arrives.

We walk now among turning leaves, brittle grass and naughty burrs that catch in Esme's coat. She appreciates the slow death of the long grasses since it's much easier for her to navigate although spotting Ridgebacks can be a little more tricky since they blend so well.

Summer seems long behind us but ahead lies Autumn splendour and Winter wonder although the future is irrelevant to the likes of Leeloo who spends each moment believing it was specifically designed to accommodate her existence ... a truly oblivious way to live and all the better for being so.

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