Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coast to Coast

This weekend I can hold my head high knowing my name is attached to some very lovely well bred dogs who are competing on opposite coasts from each other. They are 6000km apart but are able to hold their own in their respective breeds. I have been on pins and needles for the last two days waiting for word on their results. It's time to take matters into my own hands ...

So while the dogs are breaking in the new mattress I'm sitting in the livingroom prodding at the internet with chilled fingers attempting to get updates on how Esme has done at the Puli National Specialty being held in Massachusetts. Fortunately, the world wide web has pulled through in its magical way and the results from both today and yesterday's shows are up on This means that I can sleep at night knowing that Esme did well and can boast a couple of nice wins and pretty ribbons. In the regular classes at both the designated specialty yesterday  and the PCA National today she won the senior puppy bitch class, she also got second yesterday in the puppy sweeps. Today she didn't do well in sweeps but her litter sister won the class and then went on to Best of Opposite in Junior Sweeps ... way to go sistah Ellie!

Zero, on the west coast in California also did very well winning Best of Opposite to another Canadian bred dog at a show in Pleasanton and although I haven't heard how he did today I know he always makes a good showing. Zero is still sitting at #4 Ridgeback in the US and I am so excited to see how his most recent litter of puppies matures, it will give me a good idea what to expect when the planned breeding between him and Leeloo takes place in about a year ... that will be a litter of note!

So now I'm off to warm my fingers under the slumbering bulk of a very cosy Ridgeback, the weather is storming away outside but we are all tucked up in down pillows and comforters with a new mattress to break in ... can't wait to hit the sheets!

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