Sunday, October 24, 2010

Play It Again, Sam

Despite the blustery wind today Archer's Mommy and Dad drove up to Pictou to meet up with us for a walk at the beach. It was a bit brisk but the dogs didn't seem to mind as they bounded along in the sand. Leeloo once again established with Archer that she is The Boss Bitch and then the boys settled into a pattern of fawning over her while keeping a careful eye on each other. 

Archer looks fabulous, fit and full of life - sometimes so full of life he just has to sproing for joy - often with pretty impressive air-time! He clearly adores Sandra and Donnie and stuck quite close to them when he needed a little extra support or reassurance. Archer tends to be a insecure which makes him a bit clingy ... no surprise there.

Despite that he remains a sort of silly, whimsical dog who never loses an opportunity to demonstrate how agile he is by boinging into your face and then bounding across the sand with his pals. When he got hold of a stick he was off like a shot enticing Leeloo into a chase.

Leeloo was happy to oblige but she's no fool, she would just wait for Archer to come racing by and cut him off. It was Archer's greatest delight to be chased by Leeloo ... doesn't he look ridiculously happy?

Raimi got in on the fun a little bit with some play bows and minor wrestling but boys will be boys and it always turned into a posturing match that tended to look a little like David against Goliath. Nothing ever came of the posturing but I like to keep an eye on things anyway ... they are big dogs after all.

Archer is obviously incredibly fit, happy, healthy and living the good life with Sandra, Donnie, their children and his new best bud Tyson. He is steadily maturing into a beautiful handsome boy and once done his championship next year he will be neutered and spend the rest of his days being an exemplary Ridgeback for his family - (I think we also have another Ridgeback convert too!).  I still miss you Little Buddy but seeing you so settled and happy more than makes up for it.

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