Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Wrestler

I realize I've been a little lax lately posting on a regular basis. A couple weeks ago I decided I'd just post every other day because I was struggling to find something to say every single day and to me the blogs were becoming a bit inane. As soon as I decided to post every other day my computer's brain fried and then I couldn't post at all. So to get back on track I'm still going to post every other day at least, and possibly even two or three days in a row depending on what is happening.

I took a bunch of photos about 10 days ago of the dogs playing at my parent's acreage but never got around to posting them because of the laptop suicide, so here's a few cute ones of Leeloo and Raimi playing and Esme attempting to play with dogs who outweigh her by 60 pounds(Leeloo) and more than 60 pounds(Raimi).  Here she is tackling Boy while he rolled around on the grass, she gets all chuffed with herself because she probably thinks she's the one who took him down ... keep thinking that Esme.

There was much playing and carrying on since the grass wasn't wet and rolling in it was an acceptable idea. Leeloo got trounced a couple times by The Boy and there was lots of drama involved when she ended up on the bottom half of the wrestling match.

The Boy has come into his own with his tackle and tack down techniques. Leeloo is pretty quick though and manages to stay on her feet most of the time. He outweighs her by quite a bit so staying on her feet is more a result of speed and agility than muscle power.

Leeloo can turn it up when she needs to and even Esme manages to stay close when a chase is on. She never gives up and never lets the Ridgebacks out of her sight. Always game for a run she never seems to feel excluded from the play, she just persists in chasing and running and herding and nipping and tackling and throwing herself into their necks trying to keep them in line. I'll give her this ... she is one persistent little dog.

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Kimberly Weich, Escential Consultant said...

That little girl is quite persistent, but she has to be to keep up with the RR. Thanks for posting those pictures.