Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Net

Did you miss me? I missed you. If I could hug and kiss the internet I would. As evil as it can be it is such an integral part of my life I felt a little lost without it. However, I did accomplish rather a lot of house chores I'd been delaying. See how happy Boy is to have the internet back too? 

Esme was pretty excited - it means if I am busy checking email I am not poking and prodding and grooming her.  Today was an especially important grooming day since she is being left at my parent's house tomorrow to go down to the Puli Club of America National Specialty in Massachusetts. Good luck little Tiny!

Leeloo couldn't care less about the internet, as long as she gets fed on time, has her walk and is smothered by her blankie during naptime, the internet is irrelevant to her existence. On an unrelated note; aren't those mushrooms awesome ... even Leeloo thought so and she is not easily impressed.

So the next time my computer decides to commit suicide by corrupting the hard drive, Raimi promises he will sniff out the problem. Good Boy ... Mommy needs the internet.

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