Sunday, October 10, 2010


This time it wasn't a cat who fell off the window sill and into a bowl of water only to streak across my keyboard. This time it was negligence and wishful thinking that has me without a computer. I cannot get it to start properly, it won't load its applications correctly and it has effectively deleted all my network information so I can't get online. Was I secretly hoping for a malfunction in the junction so I could get the Ipad I've been coveting? Maybe, but the considerable inconvenience not having a computer for at least a week, probably more, is going to be a rough road to hoe.

A while back my Outlook went glitchy and stopped working so instead of addressing that problem I just switched to gmail, then it started to get a bit twitchy when I was trying to download photos from the camera to the computer but I just wiggled the cable and eventually it would work. Then the battery stopped charging, drained to nothing and since I  never ever use it I figured "What difference does it make?" Then the whole shebang started having trouble starting at all until finally and without too much drama, the computer deleted or 'lost' the networks it requires in order to talk to the world wide web. And so ... here we are.

Being without the internet has a few drawbacks: I have no idea what's going on in the world, I'm a little lost while I sip my morning coffee(used to check email and Facebook), I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with (thereby no excuse not to do them), I can't update the blog, and I'm going to get behind on my shows since I would download the ones I can't access via cable television.

Right now I am using the computer at my parent's house to let the world know I haven't been 'disappeared' for annoying one or another crazy dog breeder, I'm not ignoring everyone and there is no reason to worry. Today I took some lovely photos of the dogs playing on my parent's acreage and one day, doG willing, they will make their way to the world wide web for the enjoyment of the masses.

Bear with me while I work through this time of trial, chances are it will be at least a week, possibly longer, for me to get back online, I imagine the world will continue without me, after all I'm 'not that important' in the grand scheme. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to report the coming of the Ipad into my home ... not that I hope my laptop is terminal, but maybe it could be relegated to second string, so to speak.

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