Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet the Deedles

Atlas continues to experience the peaks and valleys of parvo. There is a regular Ridgeback contingent visiting him now at the hospital to lend his mom support and present a united front as advocates of his care. People who never knew Atlas, never met him and don't have dogs related to him are showing up un-announced to provide shoulders to cry on and moral support to Adine and Atlas. We may have our disagreements over silly things like type and structure but when it comes down to it we all agree that they are insignificant to a fight for the life of a little brown dog who is very very sick.

Way over here on the east coast life ticks by and although we carry on in the course of our day, always Atlas and Adine are close in our minds. Archer came to visit, I haven't seen him in 6 weeks and I was happy to see that he looks fabulous, had a bit of a growth spurt, but is still (thankfully) no where near Raimi's size and never will be! He eventually remembered me but when he got anxious he would look to Sandra which is awesome - he clearly just adores her.

Leeloo remembered him and then got busy reminding him who was Boss right away, can't let these young up-starts get any ideas. Raimi and Archer had a good poke at each other and then settled into their regular routine of keeping a joint eye on Leeloo. Raimi was incredibly happy to see Archer go though I'm sure!

They had a lovely time sniffing in the bushes and grass, had great leaping runs through the long weeds and eventually settled into exploration mode with occasional bursts of silliness. Archer was in full Tigger mode bouncing straight into the air like a maniac just like his mom always did, and still does! I took lots of photos which are still on my camera because for some reason they won't load onto the computer, must figure that out before too long!

Archer was reluctant to go - I think he was a bit confused - but by the time he gets home after almost two hours of sleep he will know once again where he is meant to be. I cannot thank Sandra and Donnie enough for offering this beautiful boy the best of homes. He is clearly in a great place and although I was a bit sad to see him go again, I know we will meet soon for another bounce. Hugs to Archer, hugs to his nephew Atlas, you are both so special and you certainly make the world a brighter place.

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