Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to Pick Up Girls

Yesterday I went to Malagash to pick up Emse after she spent two weeks on vacation to go to the Puli National in Massachusetts. I entered the house and she stared at me for a few moments. When I spoke she came to say hello and after I greeted her she bounced around a moment or two and then everything was illuminated. OH IT'S YOU!!!! That's when the real excitement began. She became an explosion of glee; between throwing herself at me and grabbing my hands and clothes she emitted a high pitched bark which vibrated the very marrow of our bones. After a few minutes she managed to pull herself together and then the Ridgeback re-introduction took place.

I'd left Leeloo and Raimi in the truck so that I could greet Esme in relative peace but outside I let the dogs out to say hello to her. Raimi leaped out, had a cursory sniff and then wandered off to find something to pee on. Boys are so simple. Not so with Leeloo. Immediately she was on Esme with the bitch noises and I thumped her on the head a couple times to remind her that Esme was Very Small and she was Very Big. Not that Leeloo was trying to hurt her, it was mostly noise and bluster, but the size difference can result in accidental damage.

Esme, for her part, was over the moon to see the Ridgebacks. She raced around and around and around throwing herself at them as she flew past. Leeloo would pounce and roll her and then she'd be up again racing in a circle of excitement. It was great to watch her run because I knew it was the only way she could get out how happy she was to see me and the Ridgebacks. She made an occasional attempt at tackling them or leaping at me but the bulk of the time we spent on our walk was running as fast as she could in a large left hand circle. Always to the left she circles.

We hung out for the rest of the day relaxing watching movies, enjoying a wonderful roast beef dinner compliments of my Dad and then headed home. Esme threw herself into the truck without hesitation and once home we all settled in happy, content and everyone exactly where they should be.  Huge thank you to my parents for showing Esme to her National wins and for taking such good care of my little Tiny.

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Kathryn said...

I love the descriptions you give of Esme. I see her as a wild dark haired little girl with a touch of ADHD. And a big heart.