Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wayne's World

It is a big wide world out there. Things like riding in the car and going for a run are old hat for Momma and Big Brother but it must be intimidating to be thrown in the back of the truck and driven to who knows where. As long as he’s with Halo and Raimi and most especially Petal he’s all for it.

He has developed a certain love of Petal. He can often be found belly crawling to her and wagging like crazy. She turns her nose and grumbles but he just wags harder. If we’re somewhere he’s never been he just looks around for Petal and is instantly at ease. Not a thing in the world phases Petal – she’s seen it all. She seems to like him a little too and doesn't mind cuddling with him when he needs comfort. She does not like him when he being obnoxious but he backs off when she tells him to. She's a great stabliizer with nervousness.

It must take a certain level of trust in me for Zero to not panic at everything. He never panics at a single thing. He was with Halo and Raimi behind the dog gate while I did some work in the kitchen floor I did NOT need help with and he wanted to help. He put his paws on the gate and pushed til it toppled. Well, he was so proud of himself he trotted over the clattering gate and came to see me. I look around the corner and there are two scaredy cats of almost 200 pounds of dog staring at me like ”GATE … scary. We’re staying here.” Some lion hunters.

The only dog actually scared of the gate is Raimi who just hates things like that – especially since it fell on him once when it was leaning against the wall and he bumped it … now its an Evil Dog Eating Gate. Halo was scared of the consequences of coming across a gate she was told to stay behind – she is exceptionally good about barriers really. It took her til almost 3 years old to learn that if a door is open a couple inches she just has to push it to get through.

Zero has no fear. He stomped all over the Evil Dog Eating Gate a couple times while it clattered and banged. Nothing bad has ever happened to him so he figures nothing bad ever will. He will be much like Raimi in temperament but far more fearless. Raimi is a STOP LOOK LISTEN dog who contemplates strange things before acting. Normally the action is to look for Momma and see if she’s worried(which is exactly never). Zero’s response is “STOP LOOK INVESTIGATE.” Could be because he’s young yet but I hope it carries to adulthood because Raimi’s startle reaction is unwelcome in a dog his size.

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