Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Some Ridgeback breeders will say you can't own a cat with these dogs. Those narrow minded thinkers pigeon hole these hounds as cat killers unable to curb their chase instinct. I say bollocks. Ask my cat ... ask my dogs ... they are sleeping less than a foot away from each other and when they are awake ... the cat teases the dogs into chasing her.

When it comes to the dogs and puppies ... Ceilidh is happy to teach a thing or two ...

For a long while she didn't bother with the puppies much, I think she saw them as some other-worldy creatures far beneath her notice. She was interested enough to take a peek when they were born and then occassionally pop her head in to see what sort of fiasco they were perpetrating. She didn't seem to want to be involved.

When her interest in them began she was first popping her head in the room to take a peek while they were focussed on playing . If one spotted her she pretended not to be looking and headed back up the hall post haste. Nonchalant at speed as only a cat can.

Then we progressed to out and out interest. Close quarters, good sniff by puppies, mild replusion by her. She is declawed (but not of my making) and so she knows that her best defense is height.

However height doesn't mean invisible. It means unless you keep moving they will figure out a way to reach up and grab, poke, sniff and wave paws at you. They also make noise at her which she doesn't much like. Mostly it's frustrated whining with an occasional bark.

Gradually she just gets higher and higher but never panics. You may also notice the garbage can has followed the cat to the edge of the tub - it kept emptying itself on the floor of the bathroom somehow. The cat says "It wasn't me."

At last she is making sure they are all in order. She knows they can't get to her there ...

... but Raimi can.

She also likes to bat the heads of the puppies much like the carnival game Whack-A-Mole. I think she secretly likes the entertainment but she will never win a cheap stuffed toy. If she did likely it would be covered in puppy poop or pee ... or both.

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