Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gone in 60 Seconds

It's been a crazy crazy day. We're down by half so far, Rifka left last night to go to Edmonton to her new pittie friends and fox terrier who she will out grow alarmingly fast. Tomorrow another goes and then another ... then two and then one. I took a picture yesterday morning of them all together on the futon and it turned out quite well. Everyone is there - I can't identify all of them but they are all accounted for in their last day as a dozen.

It was a busy day evaluating, vaccinating and meeting their 5 new homes. They all went off with saucer eyes and wrinkles in full force. I'm sure they are all settling in and getting to know their new families. I feel a little sadness at their going but everyone who came was so excited and happy to have their puppy at last it made the parting much less sorrow.

Little CPR Ramsey who has finally caught up in size (to his sisters at least). Big Ol' Rory who's puppy package I missed and who ended up with Ramsey's micro-chip info. Kissing Karma who was held and held and held again by an adoring little girl. Wide eyed Kona who settled into his new dad's arms with his head inside the jacket to fall asleep. Sleepy Mungo who was woken from a comfy nap to be packaged safely in his crate for his ride home.

Now we have Miss No Name pink who is going tomorrow morning and is promised a name by the time they get here ;-) Bella will hop on a flight to Victoria Monday to enjoy the lack of snow and an earlier spring than we'll ever see. Then Lulu and Mya ship out via Westjet to Manitoba in a crate together and then will part ways in Winnipeg. Then Shane will move just a few blocks away to start a new life tormenting Ryder. And finally we are down to Zero ... which is actually one. He will stay til it's safe for him to head to Utah where he will represent Canadian Ridgebacks in the American show rings.

Halo was saying goodbye yesterday which I actually think involved her telling them she was changing the locks and they were not to ask to borrow any money. She was losing patience with them and growling a lot so it was short good bye.

It's so odd now to have so few. They are certainly much quieter and seem a little baffled by the absence of some of their buddies. They recover quickly tho and are not pining much for the loss. I hear paper being re-arranged in the room and am now off to ponder the why's and how's of a litter of twelve reduced to six still making the mess of a litter of twelve.

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