Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Many Happy Returns

The new blog picture is Momma and her Boys snuggling in for an evening nap after a trip to Crossfield and an afternoon spent DESTROYING a 30 year old teddy bear. It lasted precisely 20 minutes in my house. I went outside to clean the van and returned to carnage. My fault for leaving it exposed but honestly, with about a zillion toys in the house they had to pick him?

I feel like I’ve been busier since the puppies going to their new homes than before! I never seem to have enough time for … me. We finally have everything squared away with the truck and the dogs fit perfectly in the back.
Zero spends his time giving me the puppy eyeball and annoying Halo and Raimi ... what a cute guy.

Mungo has made the transition to his new home in Calgary very well indeed – especially with two kids to keep him occupied. He gets to make trips to the vet clinic with his mom(who is a vet ;-)) and tries to entice the dogs going into surgery to play. They can’t so he gets frustrated with them but soon he’ll be able to play with other dogs.

Isis – the puppy formerly known as Dark Pink Girl - in Edmonton also has two small children to play with. I think people with small children have it doubly hard to integrate a puppy because there are so many additional considerations. Who’s toys are who’s, what kind of play is allowed on both sides and who the boss is. I have no worries as Isis’ parents have had a Ridgeback in the past and know what they’re in for!

Lulu in Dauphin is shadowing Gibson who is not sure he’s okay with this addition to the household. I think once he realizes that she will be a play buddy at his disposal all time he’ll come around. It can be hard for the resident dog to accept that this little … thing … is now a part of their life. Hope it warms up in Dauphin soon!

Still waiting to hear from Mya in Thompson but I do hope she’s doing well and made it home safely.

And I just HAD to add this picture of Ramsey … honestly … how CUTE is that???


S&K Weich said...

VERY cute, indeed! What sweet puppies.

Linda said...

I truly enjoy the pictures. They are too cute and I love the stories about them. I was quite pleased to hear updates on the puppies in their new homes. I am the proud Grandmother of my new grandpuppy, RAMSEY. Although I have seen only pictures of him, I look forward to actually meeting him at Easter!!