Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life is Beautiful

Now that everyone is in their new homes it's nice and quiet around here. Zero is a little star, already sleeping 8 hours without peeing in his crate and peeing outside whenever his feet hit the snow. I guess I set the bar pretty high for puppies as a dog trainer. I figure if he starts early learning he has to hold it then he'll be more accustomed to doing so when it really matters - like long car trips to dog shows! He made himself a little nest in his crate after I put the big lion in there with a blanket Halo had been sleeping on so he felt more cosy. He only cries about 2 or 3 minutes before settling down to sleep and 8 hours later starts to whine at 6am. He has a HUGE pee and then we head back to bed for a little lie in all together on the bed.

This is the only time the dogs get to sleep on the bed with me - besides Petal who always does. Zero cuddles up near my head under the covers and snuggles right in, Raimi sleeps along my right side and Halo curls up on the left next to my torso. Petal of course usually finds a little spot next to my legs to lie on but she can get too hot so then she lies close to the end of the bed.

Of course, he has already learned that during the day the couch is the napping place and while he needs a little boost up he can get down just fine by himself. Once he can get up on his own he will be totally self-napping suffucient.

We were out yesterday for a walk in a quiet, often un-used area of the park. He had such a good time chasing Momma and Boy and trying to keep up. It was so cute. Then it was time for a few hours nap before going to a friend's house for dinner and a playdate for the dogs. Everyone was so tired they slept like the dead.

Today is a trip to Crossfield to visit the Pulis of the world and get the van ready for it's new home. At left is the SUV I'm replacing the van with because the dogs need to be contained in the back while I'm driving and that's hard to do in the van. Over my dead body will a full sized van be my commuter vehicle and there are no other vehicles that will fit dog crates the size these guys need. So it's an SUV and a barrier to prevent me getting a poke in the eye when I shoulder check.

Pics to come of Lulu and Isis (Dark Pink Girl) in their new homes ... still waiting to hear from one home how she's doing and Shane I know is doing great - will try to get pics of him too.

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