Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Long Goodbye

It has become evident they are more than ready to bid one another good riddance. Now we are so close to them leaving I felt it I needed to put down what I wanted to remember about each of them.

Mr Black aka Rory has had ENOUGH of these hooligans. Three times I pulled him out of the fray to tell him he did not need to get so worked up. When he grumbled at me I said NO! you don’t talk to me like that. He looked contrite for a moment but I didn’t believe him. His new brother Seth will teach him a thing or two I’m sure.

Ms Maroon aka Mya is always looking for attention. Every time I lean down to do something she’s in my face. Well, they all are, but Mya in particular sits back and then, using all of her little strength, jumps up to whack me in the cheek with both paws. I’ve gotten wise and avoid the smack down but sometimes she still catches me. I try not to think about where her feet have been.

Mr Orange aka Ramsey is catching up with everyone else. He won’t match Zero or Rory by the time they leave but he’s definitely getting harder to pick out – normally I could spot him easily because of his size but now he blends. One of his favorite things to do is go under a sibling instead of around when he wants to get by. He is a little angel.

Ms LW Girl aka Karma likes to look at me. If I speak she is almost always the first to arrive. No matter what I’m doing she is usually within a couple feet of me. Apparently I am supremely fascinating. She has big eyes that gaze at you, not the kind of stare where you feel like she knows what you’re thinking, more the curious “What are you doing? It looks interesting. Can I help?” stare.

LW Boy aka Shane is a little trouble maker. He was chewing on my belt loop last night and I pushed him away at least 4 times. This morning he wanted kisses from me … Shane’s kisses start out all gentle and then after about 4 licks … CHOMP. I’ve gotten wise to his ways but he’s a naughty little monkey. His new brother Ryder is going to have a heart attack.

Ms Green aka Lulu is the watcher in the pack. She is quick to run to something interesting but it’s almost as though she’s deciding if it’s worth investigating. Waste not want not and all that. She has not lost her patience with her siblings much, I think she prefers to hang back and avoid the mayhem. Her new big brother Gibson will appreciate her thoughtful nature I think.

Mr Red aka Mungo means business. He is always looking for something to do. He doesn’t much start any altercations but he doesn’t back down if one comes to him. Often I lose track of him because he’s off somewhere being a busy boy. He certainly knows what he wants and like a little tank he elbows his way to his goal no matter who is in the way.

Ms Pale Pink aka Bella likes to do whatever the popular kids are doing. She used to be a little more independent but age (HA!) has perhaps made her wiser and a little more cautious. She is a bit of a follower now although I think it’s more that she doesn’t believe everything is a good idea and if the game doesn’t play out the way she thinks it should she moves onto other things.

Mr White aka Kona is a pretty independent boy but enjoys attention from me. He plays with the other puppies on his terms. Once he’s done, he’s done. He doesn’t really tell anyone off … he just leaves. He can be found playing by himself but if invited to a game he certainly joins in. He doesn’t demand attention but welcomes it when it comes, I think he appreciates it more that way.

Ms Dark Pink aka I Don’t Have a Name Yet is a pretty independent sort and seems to prefer my company over the other puppies. She gets right in there when its playtime but after the initial run amok fest she can often be found by herself playing with the corner of the towel or a toy. If I make noises at her she comes running and snuggles and kisses. She likes to look at me a lot and those big wide eyes are full of smarts.

Ms Yellow aka Rifka is the Biff girl. She can often be found in the middle of the pack kicking some boy butt and taking names. She’s not generally feisty or pushy … just throws her weight around. She is a very confident puppy and doesn’t generally need me to cuddle lots … I’m convenient for a good kiss and cuddle now and then but then she squirms to get back to butt kicking. Kind of like the “MOM … my friends are watching!”

Mr Blue aka Zero is a show boy who knows it. He always the very last puppy to sleep because something exciting might happen that he’d miss. He loves attention and is on the alert for any new toys or activity that comes their way. He plays very fair with his siblings and never starts a spat but will muscle in on a good wrestling match given the chance. He seems to be fearless going into new territory and welcomes adventure. A huge bonus for a potential show dog. He’s staying with me a little longer than the rest and Raimi will be thrilled.

They are all so sweet – I feel bad that I couldn’t offer each of them the attention they deserve given the number but with the help of people coming to visit they have gotten a lot of cuddles and kisses to tide them over til their new homes. To have 12 healthy, happy, well adjusted puppies heading out into the world to represent the Ridgeback is a blessing and I am very proud of them and especially their mother – despite our struggles!

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