Thursday, February 21, 2008

Skin Deep

Lots of questions about the babies are coming from all the new homes. Most of the info you need is in the information package such as what shots they’ve had, when their next shot is due, what they get fed, feeding schedule, etc. so if you have a question likely the answer is in the package, if you can’t find it ALWAYS contact me to ask anyway. All questions are valid.

The thing I didn’t mention in the package and only mentioned to some of the new homes was about the micro-chip scab. It’s over the right shoulder and was glued shut so it will take some time for the glue to go away. It’s over the right shoulder because it could be mistaken for a dermoid if it’s between the shoulder blades where the chip is normally put. Most vets – if they get a stray or lost dog – scan the whole dog anyway because the chips can migrate to other areas of the body.

Also, apparently Eidap has changed their process in the last few months and I need to verify for them that I’ve sold the dog to you so I will get an email if you register the dog with the company. I will make sure to do this for all dogs that have their chips registered.

If you move to the USA the Eidap chip is NOT recognized – Eidap is an internationally standard chip accepted by most countries of the world except … you guessed it … the USA. They market their own chips some of which are NOT recognized by any other country except the USA. Make sense? Of course not. This means if your dog gets lost in the USA most vets will NOT be able to read the chip because they likely won’t have the scanner required to read an Eidap chip. Canada accepts some of the USA chips such as Home Again and Avid but the reverse is not true.

You will likely be able to feel the chip under your puppy’s skin for several weeks yet but eventually the skin will thicken and you won’t be able to find it anymore. I know of a dog who’s chip migrated into her leg and you could easily see and feel it as a little bump. Here’s hoping not a single one of these little guys get lost anywhere ever.

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