Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fly Away Home

We are now down to 4 babies. It's so quiet around here. Everyone is settling in to their new homes ...

Bella left yesterday on a flight to Victoria. She screamed all the way to the airport and pooped in her crate. I'm not sure which happened first. Maybe she was screaming because she wanted out of the poopy crate. Either way she made it safely to her new home and has already discovered the joys of your own brand new bed.

Ramsey is kicking Pug butt in Springbank. This is his new little buddy Deuce who is teaching Ramsey a thing or two I imagine. He's got to get his licks in early because soon Ramsey will outweigh him by quite a bit! They have lots of room to run which I'm sure Ramsey will take advantage of while Deuce supervises.

Little Karma with her friend Kenya in Brooks obviously has everyone wrapped around her little paw. She a princess who knows how to kick some butt. I hear she is very good at ambushing Kenya from under the bed and scaring her pretty badly. Kenya will soon have a little sister to wrestle with and has already discovered the benefits of a nap buddy/pillow puppy.

Rory in Calgary has a good teacher in Seth. Poor Seth doesn't know what hit him - apparently he thought they might have been just transporting Rory for me somewhere else. But alas Rory came home with them. And has the audacity to share his bed. Good ol' Seth tho seems very patient with him and doesn't mind sharing. For now.

Kona in Edmonton seems to have a little buddy too. He will soon grow into that bed and that alligator will be toast - especially if he has a squeaker inside. What is it about the squeaker than they MUST destroy? For now tho the alligator is a good bed buddy because he doesn't kick or hog the covers. I must admit I love to see them sleeping so comfortably ...
Rifka in Edmonton has several friends to keep her occupied - two pitties, a fox terrier and a cocker - oh and a lot of horses. Here she is obviously confused about what part of the softness is the pillow - but when it's already heated how can you turn it down? She was introduced to the horses and seemed to think they weren't going to eat her which is a nice start.
Mungo is in Calgary but he's camera shy. However he's settling in too and has his very own bed with a ramp ... lucky boy. Soon those long legs will catch up with ambition and he won't need a ramp. There's time yet for that tho.
Lulu and Mya fly out to Winnipeg tomorrow and Shane goes home this weekend. It's been a great ride - they must have been born with the Christmas spirit because they've all been so very good - no coal for these guys!

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