Friday, March 4, 2011

Upper Crust

Snow upon snow upon snow ... each layer builds up until we are walking 2 to 3 feet above the ground. Sometimes we break through and fall for about a foot, then struggle to extricate ourselves. We can sometimes walk on the upper crust of the snow but it is treacherous going, never knowing when you are going to plunge into a soft spot. Recently though, a day occurred where we were able to set out across the frozen landscape fairly safely.

This opens up a lot of extra running space for the dogs. They are restricted often times because they can't easily get through deep snow, nor do they want to - Boy especially does not like it but I suspect it mostly has to do with the icy chill on his twig and berries. When they realized they could gallop across the snow it was no holds barred.

I have to say it was a glorious morning. Still, calm, bright and beautiful; the day was open wide to possibilities of fun on the walk. The sun was just coming up and once it decided to stick around it was hard not to relish in the golden warmth. Leeloo made sure to take full advantage.

Looking across the drift covered fields it was hard not to want to just stand and take it in - even the dogs were not immune to the temptation to stop and enjoy the peace of the new day. It's so strange to look across this field and know what it looks like in summer because in winter it is a completely different place.

All three dogs taking in the day. I am so glad to be able to offer them this opportunity and am disappointed  more people don't allow their dogs a chance to be, well ... dogs. Trusting a dog off lead is easy as long as you give them a chance to enjoy it. Smothering them is not the same as making sure they are safe. These dogs are safe with me and they know it because I have proven it time and again.  

Then again, no one is safe from the Leeloo Bounce Attack.There is nothing I can do to stop it so Boy and Esme are on their own! 

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Remi said...

What beautiful weather. Perfect for Ridgeback play!