Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Delivery

Four years doesn't seem like that long but to a dog it can be literally half a lifetime. I hope that is not the case with Boy as he turns 4 years old today and I want him to live forever ... much less 8 years. He got a special treat today because I was sent home early from work due to a security issue with the building so we hung out for the afternoon and evening and had lots of cuddles. I did remember to pick up a special treat for his Big Day, not marshmallow bunnies like last year (although not for lack of looking - they do still make them don't they??) but something he liked almost as much. "Gimme de bown Mommy - it's mai birfday."

He was a bit annoyed at me, much as I think a child would be annoyed while you told them to wait so you could get a nice photo of them with their birthday cake before it gets mashed into a giant clump of icing and Betty Crocker goodness. When I finally relinquished the bone he was determined I not take it away and settled himself to consume it on the dog bed in the livingroom. "Dis is mai bown."

So forgive me for once again anthropomorphizing my dogs (and making you read LOL-Speak) but frankly, it's my blog about the Boy's 4th Birthday and we can do whatever we want.  Happee Birfday Boy!

"It's my birfday. I am 4. Mai Mommy caym howm erlee speshul frum wurk an brot me dis treet. I luvs my Mommy."

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Ali P said...

UGH! That face it killz me with da cute! So handsome! Glad bomb day was special for him.