Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bee Movie

Today is a special day for the 7 Ridgebacks of the 2009 'B' Litter and Halo's last stint as a Momma. On this day 2 years ago Archer, Rio, Gracie, Ella, Hunter and Tikka all made it safely to earth in short order and although Odin had to be assisted into the world he was no worse for wear.

Halo was a very good Momma for this litter and 7 seemed to be a little more manageable than her previous 12! However; this litter was *loud* and raucous ... I will never forget the 4:30am wake up calls and I don't think my neighbours will either!

The trip to the vet was a new experience for me in breeding and frankly not one I wish to repeat. I am sure Odin would have made it out eventually but he was sure taking his time about it. Never mind, he is here now and as his size in the womb suggested he has grown into a tall Ridgeback! This is Halo recovering from her Odin c-section and all the puppies safe in the warming box.

Archer - shining,wet, brand new - recently a new Champion too! It's hard to imagine they start out as small as your hand and become 90 pound lapdogs. Soon Leeloo will quit dawdling about coming into heat and hopefully oblige us with a new puppy experience to write about. For now though Happy Birthday to all those beautiful Ridgebacks who make their families so happy ... thank you for spoiling them and for being such great homes!

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