Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Raise Your Hand

Today was unusually cold out so I put the dog's coats on and we headed out. It was about -14 and sunny, no wind and easily a beautiful day. We got about 40 feet into our walk when things took a turn. Boy was sad. His toes were cold and he was standing on three legs, limping along carefully like the ground was biting his feet. Never mind that Leeloo was going gangbusters in circles around him, trouncing on Esme, racing up and down the path and generally behaving like a 6 month old puppy. Her feet weren't cold but then ... Leeloo is kind of hardcore. I'm not sure Esme has even realized it is winter.
So there's Boy, throwing me the soppy sad eyes and I am feeling very guilty. I didn't bring his booties because I didn't think it was cold enough to need them, clearly Leeloo didn't. So I picked up his foot to warm it in my begloved hand whereupon he promptly attempted to use me as a crutch and stand on 2 legs.  This was not going to work.

And now may I introduce myself: The Selfless (and Clever) Mommy. I was wearing a pair of those little stretchy gloves, you know the kind, one size fits most and knowing how big his feet are I figured they would be pretty snug. I was right. The glove slid over his foot no problem and off he went cavorting through the snow with the empty fingers flying. Unfortunately for him I only have two hands but his back feet didn't seem to need the gloves, just the front ones. Fortunately I had my mittens so I put those on my hands instead and we carried on the walk with Leeloo still gamboling and Esme working hard to keep up.

Boy lost the gloves once so I left them off until the sad eyes came out again and on they went to protect his delicate feet. I didn't have my camera with me on the walk so I took a photo of him in the kitchen with one on. Isn't he darling?  

Fortunately the gloves are only 69 cents at Walmart so no big deal but it got me thinking, why not just get a pair of children's socks? Dog booties don't stay on anyway and you can get really cool colors and themes! I think next Walmart trip I'll be cruising the baby aisle looking for some Boy socks ... although, now that he has thumbs I bet I could get him to do all kinds of useful things ...

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