Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blood Diamond

Being right is a real headache. Being right and still winning is *awesome*. See, I said Archer wouldn't really remember how to be a show dog because it's been so long. The truth is ... he didn't really remember how to be a show dog but he won anyway. Chances are he won on movement and type (and his front structure which is amazing by the way) because there is no way his stacked self could win its way out of a paper bag.

He was roachy, worried, fussy, wouldn't bait, bored, tired, and generally just didn't think there was any point in working hard to get the yummiest liver treats in the world ... until he was outside the ring. Then it was the greatest food on the planet.

Also, someone, who shall remain nameless, taught him to sit for treats. I spent some time working with him to get him to stop sitting everytime we stopped moving. Down and back. Sit. Gait around. Sit. We got to the point where I would tell him "Stand. Stay." after moving and he'd do a sort of half-sit think think think and then end up standing with his hind feet mostly under his body. It was a compromise between the automatic sit and wanting to do what I asked. Such a darling little guy.

Anyway, he won. He won when it counted, when he needed it most and when I didn't really think he would. His movement was his saviour - lovely, floating, free, effortless, clean, and correct. The judge stood back to have a final look at all three entries (me, a female special and a male special) and while Archer and I dicked around trying to get a decent stack, the judge simply walked up and pointed at us for Best of Breed. This meant 2 points on top of the 8 he'd already earned in 2010 and we were done his Canadian Championship.

We had to go into group in order to keep those points and although he was game, Archer faded at the end and just got sick and tired of even trying anymore. He didn't bring the house down in behaviour. You can hardly blame him, this isn't exactly his weekly gig - mostly he spends time rough-housing with his buddy Tyson and being naughty at home. Asking him to perform in the show ring after all this time was a lot to expect and still he came up aces. What a good boy.

For the record this is the 7th Champion for Invictus, being Halo's 7th Champion as well, and the final show puppy from Halo's litters to complete this title. It's a load off my mind let me tell you!

So here's to Canadian Champion Invictus Blood Diamond - you are now among the elite, the adorned, the recorded, the exhausted. Sleep well little Buddy ... you earned it.

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