Monday, March 7, 2011

The Little Rascals

We met Archer again on the weekend for a lovely romp in the snow. Leeloo was delighted to have someone new to roar at and bounce on. They wasted little time with introductions and headed straight into the rabble-rousing portion of the walk.

Like many boys Archer needs to stop and pee on anything upright. However, lifting your leg this high is probably a bit of overkill. No matter how high you lift that leg Archer, your 'mark' will never get as high as Raimi's - I am glad to see you are still game to try.

Raimi, for his part, was more interested in what was under the snow than peeing on things above it.

Brotherly love, according to Raimi, only extends so far. Unfortunately the more Raimi grumbled the more Archer felt the need to show how much he respected The Boy. To give Raimi credit he was very tolerant of Archer's attention, and really, he didn't have to be!

Family portrait. Archer isn't really that small, it's an optical illusion because of where he's standing. He's actually about 85 pounds and probably 26 or 27 inches tall. Not exactly tiny but compared to Boy he does look a bit demure. Even compared to Leeloo actually! Esme obviously in front because that is exactly where Esme thinks she should be 100% of the time!

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