Monday, March 21, 2011

He Got Game

Because Archer's mom and dad took photos from the weekend I have some to share. My camera is still without a charger so until it arrives we will have to make do with highjacked photos from various Facebook profiles. Here's Archer before the competition getting his game face on - he was a little stressed out, was shedding to beat the band (with dandruff) and his sweet big eyes were saying "Dis is my game face."

Even though we practised he still ended up in a half sit a couple times. Now, I can't really blame his owners for teaching him the sit because I didn't actually tell them not to. This became his go-to move when he was feeling unsure about what he was being asked to do ... attractive isn't it?

This is in the Breed class where he finally clued in to what was required. He tried very hard to be a good boy and do the right thing ... he just wasn't always sure what the Right Thing was. After seeing these photos I realize he actually looked a lot better than he felt while at the end of the lead ... phew.

In between the Breed judging and the Hound group he started to fade pretty fast. It had already been a Very Big Day for him and all he wanted to do was go to sleep on Sandra's lap. Doesn't he look like the sweetest dog in the whole world? "I'm with my Mommy and she loves me."

We ended up in the Hound group with some less than perfect behaviour; he was tired, bored, annoyed and just sick to death of this nonsense. Not exactly a seasoned show dog is Archer. No matter, we got what we came for ...

A new Champion photo! The judge, Richard Fehler, was marvelous, jovial, interested and extremely pleasant. It is so much nicer to win under someone who obviously likes the dogs and what he's doing and I certainly would enter under him again. I think that actually goes without saying.

All packed up and ready to hit the road. Archer is the last Invictus Champion for some time to come as we wait for Leeloo and Raimi to create the next generation. Once that happens the whole cycle will start again; new babies, new shows, new people to meet - see you there! Or at the very least ... here!

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