Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Can't Buy Luck

I love Ebay. A lot of really nice things are in my house from Ebay. Usually you can avoid over paying for things, sometimes you just have to have something, even if it means over-paying. Sometimes you get such a smokin’ deal you think it’s not going to be what you expected. Sometimes you get something that’s total crap.

Shoes, prints, movies, art, clothes, jewellery … if it’s not on Ebay it probably doesn’t exist. I bought a red wool coat that fits like it was tailored to me. I paid $16 for a tungsten carbide ring (the hardest metal in the world) that retails for over $100. I have a gorgeous limited edition Harry Potter watch that I love to bits which was $70. I have lost count of the number of Ridgeback goodies I’ve bought on Ebay – some are as nice as I expected ... some not so much. One year I bought 90% of my Christmas gifts on Ebay.

Ebay is the world of the anonymous war – when you really want something you have to choose a price you’d pay and stick to it. A limit. I’ve let things go when they got too high. I've paid too much for something. I’ve been in bidding wars and won. I’ve tasted defeat. No fear … something equally enticing or better always comes along. The wheel keeps turning.

So the lastest purchase I made was something I gave myself a limit on. I bid to my limit and was outbit. Hmmm. How much do I want this? I want it. A lot. Why? Well … take a look.

The dog looks … I mean it really looks like Raimi – knees out, cow hocked, giant head, goofy look and even a patch of white on the chest. And the girl … short red hair, snotty look on her face, wearing my favorite color. I think I was last that thin when I was about 14 years old. The artist who created this print is Lynne Watson, she specializes in Afghan hounds and the sighthounds in general but will do other breeds. She has such an amazing line in her art – I am thinking Christmas already …

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