Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Camera Shy

I wish I could show a picture of what Raimi did while I was at work yesterday. He is loose in the house now and is not generally a dog that looks to destroy things, he likes to cuddle and carry things. I think it gives him comfort to have something of mine to hold while I’m gone. He has a particular obsession with Tigger and Mannie the Bear who sit on a chair in my bedroom – I find him toting them around quite often. The $250 shoes … okay … that was a bitter pill to swallow but it doesn’t come close to Halo’s list of carnage.

He’s got nothing on the damage Halo did to the couch I used to have, she destroyed it in stages and I tried to use bitter apple etc but it didn’t make any difference. Petal must have been watching her with a ‘I don’t think you should be doing that’ expression. She didn’t try to stop her though, I’d come home to a livingroom full of fluff with Petal greeting me innocently and Halo greeting me guiltily. At the time I didn’t have a digital camera to record the carnage.

This time I don’t have a digital camera to record the carnage either. Why? The camera was the carnage. My cute little Canon Powershot is no more. The lens took the brunt of attention and it still turns on to the tune of a cracked screen and sad beeping noises. I thought I might be able to download the images but it pooped out when I connected it to the computer. I took out the memory card and batteries and set the camera aside as a reminder of my carelessness.

I thought about replacing it with a similar model but since I was planning on getting a digital SLR anyway I may as well just upgrade now. I have a Canon EOS A3 which is a film camera that takes pretty gorgeous photos however digital SLRs are finally approaching what I’d consider comparable to film at an affordable price. (As an aside I am a film purist)

This camera Raimi won’t get near … except when I’m taking his picture.

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Kathryn said...

As my little nephew would say, "Oh dear!" Norm's two cents is that a digital SLR is bigger than what you are used to wielding at the dog park. You'll need a fanny pack (how 80s is that?) in order to juggle camera, poop bags and dogs. As an aside, as least Seth BARKS when Rory is up to mischief. It's just that Seth barks at almost everything and by the time we clue into the problem it's usually a done deal. Hence the ordering of multiple dogs beds.