Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mamma Mia!

We went to visit Halo last week to drop off some food and see how she is doing. Raimi was so excited to see her and after he'd determined she was not in heat anymore he began a systematic harassment of her to play. Eventually she succombed and proceeded to beat him up.

Halo had a bath before we came so that she did not smell like heat and apparently it was a time of trial. Annika was the official bath photographer and you can see that Halo was not impressed with the proceedings.

The end of the bath involved a towel that offered a juxtaposition to her name. Although ... some days I suspect that the devil horns are there but just invisible. She will put up wth just about anything that is asked of her ... even devil horns and photographs.

She has settled in very well with the resident cats and I was sure she wouldn't concern herself too much with her new room-mates. Newman is the orange cat on the chair and Azura is the torti underneath it - apparently Jules the cat has yet to become comfortable enough to be seen in the same photo with Halo.

Ridgebacks can't resist the couch and Halo is no exception. Luckily there is just enough room for her and Tanja's children Annika & Sofia ... I'm not sure exactly where Tanja would find to sit ... however from conversations with her I suspect sitting is not a part of her day.

Tanja runs a day home and this is what Halo 'endures' in the course of the children's stay. Apparently it's off to Hawaii for a little sun and fun and hula dancing. The treats and hugs are definitely worth it and this kind of attention she is happy to humor.

Here we are at the end of the day and she sleeps like the dead. With days as full as hers it's definitely a two pillow sleep.

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