Monday, July 28, 2008


Well thank gawd other people have cameras that haven't been eaten by a Ridgeback (yet). Kona's dad sent me some rare pictures of a Ridgeback in water from a hot weekend. The temperatures have been pretty warm, not excessive or oppressive, but the dogs still appreciate a good cool off in the water when they can get the chance.

Halo has NEVER liked water. It's an extreme distaste that borders on the pathological. While I think it's definitely a breed trait, Halo's genetics scream "Water is evil." So whenever a Halo baby encounters water it's an interesting juxtaposition between a puppy's natural curiousity and an inherited disdain for getting wet.

So here's Kona. Photos that capture precious moments like these really tickle me. The expression on his face seems to be that if a picture could say a thousand words they are probably not words you'd want to see in a bubble above his head - or they'd look something like this: *&^*#$%#!!! Ah Halo ... your boy done you proud.

He is giving it the college try I guess and a photo of him going out into the river is promising in the perception that it's likely voluntary. I can't imagine he was trying to retrieve that ball but hey ... a Ridgeback who goes into water AND retrieves would make him a real trail-blazer in the world of Ridgebacks.

This photo had me laughing out loud. LOL for those of you no longer accustomed to reading entire sentence structures. Apparently he got in a little deep and had to actually use swimmy type motions and this resulted. So ... er ... maybe not so much the water dog then. This photo was called "I am Drounding' which presumably he didn't.

So there we have it. Kona hits the rivers and shows Labs they don't have a monopoly on the waterways, however; with examples like this last photo I bet they're not that worried.


Kathryn said...

Low body fat = bad floatability. We have just the ticket for Kona - ask Rory about his way cool life vest.

Those pics were a riot! Obviously, Kona just doesn't know any better. He needs to hang out with some Ridgebacks. Labs are likely to leave him with an identity crisis.

Taryn said...

I was shocked at these obviously photoshoped pics! I don't know how a brother of mine could demean himself it this way! Rain is deadly enough, what was he thinking!!