Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Bodyguard

Raimi sure is a happy Boy. He has settled into his serve and protect role and is quick to notify me of any odd noises and races to the door or window to ensure that the first thing an intruder sees is a large male Ridgeback staring back at them. I think his deference to Halo’s opinion has been replaced by a realization that he’s solely responsible for me now and by gawd he will step up to the plate if needed. Maybe.

Alarms were triggered yesterday while Raimi was deep in a sniff of long grass and a cyclist rode over a wooden bridge that was about 15 feet away. The rumbling of the tires on 2 x 6 planks caused Mr Tough Guy Guard Dog to leap up and shoot in the opposite direction for about 10 feet before he righted himself and stopped to look at me for guidance. The expression on my face must have told a thousand tales of exasperation. He puffed himself up and nonchalantly walked out of the grass to my side as if it had never happened.

I’m not really sure what he’d do if he thought I was threatened; however, the odds of me being threatened while in his company are slim to nil. Who on earth would be dumb enough to approach a single woman walking a 110 pound dog with anything but an eyeball for their own safety. He is nothing if not intimidating. I must confess … I do like the effect.

He has shown that anyone or thing that tries to get into my house without my say would be sorrier for it. Strange noises, unexpected knocks and odd shadows falling across the windows usually get a cursory growl if not a soft warning bark. He has an incredibly intimidating and deep woof and no one hearing it could mistake that the dog was itself quite large. In fact the first time I heard his Big Boy Bark I thought ‘Who was that?”

This dog is the rock against which I sleep. He is the sighing, smiling, happily snoozing and languidly stretching Boy in the morning. I have no doubt that he would protect me from all comers as fiercely as I would protect him.

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